Total Testimonials: 480
Warren Lansing, MI

We were impressed with Lewis – his friendliness, knowledge and information about the homes and the delivery process.

Kelly C.
Warrenton Sun Lakes, AZ

Thanks again for being so helpful with our home design and purchase. Especially all those changes we made! We’re really happy with the result, and are looking forward to moving-in soon.

Bob & Stephanie O.
Warrington Athens Park Model Home Texas

First above all things, you guys do such a classy job. I am highly impressed and pleased with the ending results…

Brandy S.
Warrington Lake Fork, TX

Sorry for the delay in responding…we have been having family fun on vacation. Sounds a little silly to say… words can’t express how happy we are with the Park Model Home we purchased from Angie Celli back in January of 2008. From the time we sat down to the time we now enjoy in our trailer, every detail has been covered thoroughly and with out confusion. The workmanship, the floor plan, the help in pulling the colors together, orchestrating the delivery all could not have gone better.

Ken & Judy R.
Washougal Carlton, OR

I do remember being impressed by the inside of the Washougal demo model, how open and large it seemed. My version is even more open since I have the island on casters. My light floor makes that center portion so airy and appealing.

Joani J.