Total Testimonials: 480
Woodland-Cabin Libby, MT

Dear DeAnn, I can’t thank you enough for all your help in bringing my Dad his beautiful Athens Park Model Home. From the first time we contacted you through the final delivery you went above and beyond! Your help in getting me the spec’s and measurments to be sure my site was ready to all the final touches. My Dad LOVES his house, and now truly has a home. Again, THANK YOU!

Marchette R.
Wyndham Athens Park Model Home Waskom, TX

I want you to know how much I am enjoying my Athens park model home. I could not be more pleased with the unit…

Kenneth B.
Wyndham Athens, TX

Thrilled! From the attached photos you can see that the details we discussed are all excellently executed and all of the space saving and functional aspects, that you suggested, are there. I am especially happy that the pitch of the roof is at the angle we selected and that the outside features, as well as the inside ones, carry out my desire to let the structure serve as background for the attractive counter tops, cabinets, flooring and lighting fixtures.

Dee W.
Yellowstone Millersburg, Oregon

From the first phone call to factory expo, Jerry Lanz was very eager to help us with information about the Fleetwood homes. Jerry set us up with a room at the motel and after answering allot of questions, took me and my wife on a tour of the factory. After talking to Jerry for awhile, we found out that he was a fairly new associate with factory expo. Jerry was able to answer most of our questions and the few that he was not sure of, he would excuse himself and return shortly with an answer, we thought that he helped make the process of selecting the home we wanted very easy, as well as the changes and options. Even after the purchase when there was a couple other changes, Jerry was eager to make them happen, and did. He kept us informed and up to date on the process as it was being built.

Dan and Pam J.
Yellowstone Sumas, WA

Steve, It was a wonderful experience dealing with you from the day I called you on April 26th till the home was delivered. Your services, prompt email replies were all extraordinary. You were always forthcoming with information and eager to solve the problem. Particularly I remember when our city said that I need to have minimum 1000 sq.ft. against the ordered 800 sq.ft. you were very, very accommodating. The home was delivered ahead of schedule.

Hebbale P.