Texas Testimonials

Newberry Rockport, TX

Our new home has been a joy. It is so beautiful. I especially like the loft. I’m so glad we included it.

John & Linda W.
Crestview Yoakum, TX

We love the “Chateau in the woods” as we like to call it. The bunkhouse is awesome and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Dana & John H.
Evergreen Brownwood, TX

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to send some pictures once the house was skirted. Since I did that myself it took a while to complete doing the work on weekends. Hope all is well with you. We are enjoying our new house. I would like it if you could get these pics on your web site.

Ken V.
Findley Liberty Hill, TX

Good Morning De-Ann, Ingrid and I are very pleased with the cottage we purchased from you. I don’t want to sound like we out did many others, but you got to see how it’s placed and decorated. I’m just a guy with all the decorating sense of a rock, but Ingrid really out did herself; and quite frankly probably a lot of other talented folks too. Let me first tell you we’ll be sending photos and don’t let us forget. I really want to see them on your website. I’d like to describe the setting we placed the cottage in to tempt your interest. First, it’s set in a grove of live oak trees. We ran a flagstone path/side walk to it from the main house. Flagstone set in concrete mortar was used thru out to include steps to the front porch and small pillars to set plants on flank the steps.

Loyd P.
Madison Streetman, TX

We are so pleased with our home. We purchased a model and were impressed with the floor plan, the crown molding everywhere and the workmanship. There are so many little extras throughout the house. We were pleased with the staff in the sales office, Ben who delivered the home and the finishing of the home after the setup. We would highly recommend Athens Park Homes to anyone.

Diane P.