Texas Testimonials

Wyndham Athens, TX

Thrilled! From the attached photos you can see that the details we discussed are all excellently executed and all of the space saving and functional aspects, that you suggested, are there. I am especially happy that the pitch of the roof is at the angle we selected and that the outside features, as well as the inside ones, carry out my desire to let the structure serve as background for the attractive counter tops, cabinets, flooring and lighting fixtures.

Dee W.
Waldorf Lake Fork, Texas

When my wife and I visited the factory direct sales center we were met buy a very nice young lady. Her name was De-Ann. She showed us the Park Models , all the plans on different models. And answered all our questions. She is a very good sales lady. She knows her products and all phases in the building process. While we where there she gave us a tour of the facilities and explained the building procedures. She worked close with us on the park model we wanted to order after an hour or so we had what we wanted and gave her an order. The Park Model was delivered on time. We’ve had it for over a year and really love it. She’s a great salesperson.

Charles & Glenda S.
Newberry Alba, TX

Well, our new deck is almost complete, the experience of buying a house from ya’ll has been great. The touch up went well, and the house is so beautiful, and roomier than the old pull behind trailer we had, it isn’t even comparable. We appreciate all you’ve done for us, and to say our experience with factory direct was great is an understatement. I worked for 42 years for my retirement money, and I don’t think I could have found a better way to invest it in anything else, this will ensure many good times in our retirement years, and we have you to thank for it. I hope your business continues to flourish, as I know it will with the hands on way you take care of your customers. Thanks again

Kenneth & Marsha H.
Vanguard Medina Lake, TX

We wanted to let you all know that meeting and purchasing a home from your Salesman, Sam David Ivar, was a very pleasant experience. He put us at ease, showed us everything you had, did not hesitate helping and answered our questions promptly. He was like a friend. We have recommended Factory Expo to others and did not hesitate to give out Sam’s name.

Victor & Linda K.
Beaumont Lake Fork, TX

Just wanted to drop you a note saying we love our new Park Model. The 1st day we drove over to Athens to look at the Park Models – we never dreamed that we would place an order for one before we left that same day!!

Ricky & Sue R.